API performance testing

API performance testing
We need to make sure that there is no other API traffic bottlenecks limiting the
communication in our infrastructure. Nodes to verify are DP API Gateway itself and NetScaler
load balancers.

  1. Test the current infrastructure performance against massive and swelling API
    calls workload.
  2. Monitor the response time of an API, how the increasing workload will affect the
    response time.
  3. There are 3 key points for testing the response time values defined. As an
    example, for APIDP, API Gateway as the prioritized component for infrastructure
    testing stage.
    Below 0.1 Second – preferred response time, acceptable performance
    Below 2.0 Seconds – acceptable response time, conditionally acceptable
    Below 5.0 Seconds – interrupted response time, unacceptable performance
  4. The response time will be verified while increasing gradually the load.
  5. Also servers resources (memory, cpu) will be monitored.

50-100 EUR/hr

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