Business Analyst

Business Analyst(d/f/m)

Business Analyst will be integral part of the Data Migration team. Business Analyst will analyze current state of the
system and will design its processes and systems by assessing the legacy DWH and migration to the Snowflake DWH.
He will liaise between the client stakeholders (BO’s, SME’s)

About Yourself:
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• You care for your colleagues
• You are able to “read” people
• Your social competence enables you to understand your stakeholder’s thoughts
and motives

Communicative competence

• You are able to address different topics to various audiences
• Open and honest communication is important for you
• You’ll find the right wording, even in challenging situations

Conflict Management

• You achieve goals by diplomatic means

• You diplomatic way of engaging conflicts defines you
• For you, every conflict bares a challenge and opportunity you happily engage

Analytical thinking

• You keep an eye on the essentials

• You understand complex and complicated situations quickly.
Flexibility • You adjust yourself quickly to new situations and act proactively
Willingness to integrate • You like to get involved into new teams

• You enjoy working with different teams, cultures and integrate yourself


• You enjoy working in diverse teams

• Working in international environments and teams comes natural to you


• You enjoy working with diverse and cross-cultural teams
Dynamic • When working, you are energetic and motivated

Problem solving skills

• You strive for solutions, when others are caught up in processes
• You enjoy working in complex environments and focus your efforts on
• In unpredictable situations, you’re keeping an eye on the solution and consensus

Organizational talent

• In complex situations, you keep the overall view

• You are well structured and keen to keep the overview over complex situations.

Time management

• You stay on schedule

• You keep an eye on scheduled progress and timelines


• You enjoy staying organized

• Although you enjoy teamwork, you also keep your own projects organized.

Stress resistance

• You keep an overview even in demanding situations


• You recognize setbacks and difficulties as opportunities of growth
Goal orientation

• You don’t lose sight of set goals
Willingness to perform

• For yours and the success of your team you go above and beyond

• Work with SME’s to identify and map the data required to migrate from legacy DWH to Snowflake
• Undertaking analysis to detail source data to destination data mapping requirements
• Working with Data Migration Team engineers to explore options for how to resolve issues with data
• Recommend controls by identifying problems, writing improved procedures
• Elicit requirements through workshops, questionnaires, workflow storyboards, use cases, and more
• Work as a liaison between stakeholders and technology team to translate business requirements. Also work with
Technical and managerial teams to understand technical possibilities and challenges
• Maintain user confidence and protect operations by keeping information confidential
• Prepare technical documentation relevant for the project.
• Support functional & user acceptance testing
Required & nice to have Skills:
Must Haves:
• 6+ years of experience within the Telecom industry
• Strong experience in working in a SAFe Agile environment
• Proven track record of being a Business Analyst in a data and analytics environment
• Demonstrated experience in data migration from legacy systems (DB2 to Snowflake)
• Solid understanding of DWH and ETL Tools/Concepts
• Experience with JIRA/Confluence/Share point or similar tools.
• Quality Assurance experience.
• Fluent in English and German
Nice to Have/ Your chance to grow
• Live and breathe the agile mindset.
• High learnability to learn and master several open-source and in-house built tools
• Use a data mindset with a love for data, curiosity and strong analytical capabilities.
• You feel comfortable working in a very dynamic environment in which changes are the only constant

50-100 EUR/hr

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