Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Process

Understanding of the Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Process and terminology
(BIA, RTO, RPO, MTPD, etc.).
• Proactivity and creativity to implement business continuity plans.
• Design and revision of IT architectures (mainly cloud but also on premise). The focus of
these architecture reviews should be on availability, redundancy and disaster recovery possibilities.
• Identification and evaluation of risks that could impact in the availability of applications
• Develop and document Disaster Recovery Plans (detailed documentation of how to recover
the application based on previous identified risks; escalation process).

• Knowledge of redundancy strategies (active-active, active-passive, load balancing, multi-
region, etc.).

• Knowledge of AWS services to review and propose architecture designs and help to develop
disaster recovery strategies based on the availability and RTO needs.
• Assurance of third-party process: evaluation of Business Continuity and Disaster recovery
• Recovery strategies of different providers (mainly SaaS) and align with business

50-100 EUR/hr

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