Change and Release Manager

Job Description

• Develop and administer the IT Release and IT Change Management process(es) to ensure changes
are completed on time with minimal business disruption.
• Collaborate with key business and IT stakeholders to plan any major outages or releases
• Facilitate the Release Review Board (RRB) on a monthly basis to develop and capture all future
planned outages and/or system releases for distribution across key stakeholders
• Facilitate the Technical Review Board (TRB) and Change Advisory Board (CAB) on a weekly basis
as a forum for Change Owners to present changes and gather any additional approvals, as
• Owner of the Emergency CAB process to assist with change approvals needed to resolve critical
issues requiring changes due to regulatory compliance
• Authorize elevated credentials to SAP systems for approved changes and high priority

• Authorize and approve changes
• Authority to implement or reject a change
• Evaluate the risk and priority of changes to ensure no change collisions are encountered
• Ensures that all the activities designed to implement the change are as per the standards. The
policies and procedures should be well defined, recognized and reviewed annually
• Prepare Change Summary Sheet that summarizes all RFC’s. This sheet helps the CAB team to
understand and evaluate the proposed change
• Communicate with key personnel the status of a specific release to include scheduled updates,
issues encountered and all clear, once complete.
Recommended Knowledge:
• Understanding of infrastructure, ERP and application landscapes and interdependencies(risks and
change implications) of the changes being requested
• Firm understanding of application and system development methodologies to include project and
enhancement deliverables
• Understanding of ITIL framework
• Previous experience as a change or release manager

50-100 EUR/hr

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