Data Analyst

Data Analyst – High Priority – Look for consultant based on 2 combinations
1 – Computer science background preferably in US /Must have SQL VBA and Excel Macros
/Familiarity with Python
2- Python developer who has good sql and exposed to programming and computer science
Need local resources in New York. We can offer around 1-2 months remote
Capital Market Vertical
Educational Background: Science/ Math’s ( Primarily from Science background)
Skills: SQL, Any open oriented language like- C++/python
Must be from Analytical Background

Willing to learn

there is no apt title but a Data /Data analytics guys who has grown from hands on to more of a
solutioning/ roadmap/ problem solving with senior leadership etc. I will send some rough
profiles – to give an idea. of course only when we talk to them will we better understand
we are fine with such profiles who are not hands-on with SQL at the present phase of their career but have worked in some capacity in past (fine if there were not experts)
Some Keywords you can add to your strings that you are already using – Data Strategy/ analytics
strategy , roadmap, Leadership/ Senior Leadership

We would like a high level 2-3 line write up on the business problem identifies/ solution strategy
with senior stakeholders which shows their consultative approach and conceptual and strategic
ALL Skill matrices should be rated in words : Basic, Intermediate, Strong Very Strong,
Expert. Please avoid numbers sent in some submittals.
Decision Driven Analytics
Liaison b/w business Team & technology team ( technical interface to business)
Consultative approach – Drive a solution
Can sit with senior stakeholders to understand and find overall business problem. Then work
backwords to solve it using data and data analytics. Basically provide more embedded support to
the stakeholders and product owners.
Need a data / data analytics guys – don’t focus just on skill set but overall conceptual thinking
abilities and driving strategic discussions with stakeholders
BFS not Mandate
Dallas, charlotte Location we are open to.
Must have exp:
Data analyst
Data Quality
Data visualization: Tableau

Python (Pandas)
Nice to have:
Athena OR Redshift

50-100 EUR/hr

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