Big Data Engineer

You will be playing a critical role in achieving business objectives. You will be part of the team working closely with our client stakeholders in sourcing the data, converting it into valuable Data assets, and making the Data of the right quality available for advanced analytics and Artificial intelligence use cases for business. You will be responsible for client engagement success from solutions through delivery. You will also be focused on growing our business by providing innovative solutions and adding real value to our clients. In particular, we are seeking Big Data Engineers experienced in Cloud Transformation engagements.

Your responsibilities:

· Work closely with the design teams and Product owners to deliver the solutions for Data sourcing, ingesting into cloud-based Data lakes, and making the curated Data assets available for consumption.
· Develop and implement a detailed solution to ensure the successful operation of Data jobs production
· Co-ordinate with the onsite, nearshore, and offshore teams for delivery of a technical solution
· Build relationships and credibility with clients to drive a “Self-service” approach to own the end-to-end data engineering responsibility
· Work with Application architects and design teams to propose/ develop business cases and collaterals for Transformational Initiatives
· Develop the technical solution building on synergies and benefits across the technologies and solution teams
· Research, identify, and internally market enabling technologies based on client requirements assisting clients through their journey from ideation to execution creating a win-win solution
· Work with Solution teams and Product Owners to understand inefficiencies in clients’ existing processes and applications and recommend solutions
· Foster an innovative culture within the team
· Understand the client’s requirements, and pain points and help the lead architects and designers to arrive at customized solution assets
· Collaborate with technology groups and other alliances to bring best practices on various technologies and tools

Your skills:

· Strong experience in Cloud Migration Engagements
• Understand AWS Big Data Architecture
• Strong hands-on experience in Data lake design and development
• In-depth knowledge of Spark framework, AWS serverless stack (AWS Glue / AWS Sagemaker, AWS Lambda)
• Strong experience in CI-CD pipeline of maintaining code versioning in bitbucket, Jenkins, and AWS Code pipeline
• Good to have exposure to Terraforms, Docker, Container technologies, AWS Step Functions
• Define and implement the best practices in AWS Technologies
• Great communication skills, capable of quickly understanding business requirements and providing best-practice solutions.
• Be able to optimize operational strategy in a smart way using AWS cloud
• Experience working in DevOps/ Agile working model
• Experience in working within geographically distributed teams (Onsite, Nearshore & Offshore)
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills in German and English
· Customer and Stakeholder Management
· A track record of developing creative solutions
· Highly developed critical thinking, interpretative and analytical skills
· Positive, determined, resilient, confident, and resourceful in the face of challenges

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50-100 EUR/hr

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