ETL Developer Abinitio


Develop and maintain ETL solutions to fit business needs. ETL development  require one or more of the skills Abinitio,  AWS, Snowflake and Teradata

•             Work independently or with own team to innovate on and enhance development practices and processes.

•             Collaborate within the team to innovate on and enhance development practices and processes.

•             Responsible for delivery- Managing the data and analytics onsite team and offshore team from different geographic locations and guide the team to complete the project within the stipulated time.

•             Responsible for account management and own delivery responsibilty of entire AIA team.

•             Work with modelers to understand requirements and align on capabilities that a deliver reusability and automation

Also,  experience on :

•             Experience in Python, Teradata, Snowflake development or related development experience

•             Experience in automated software build & deployment automation in distributed cloud environment such as AWS and other cloud platforms.

•             Experience developing and implementing  automation capabilities and re-usable components

•             Experience working with code repositories such as Github, EME and competent in implementing versioning, branching, etc

•             Experience working with a variety of data platforms such as S3, Snowflake

•             Understanding of observability and how to achieve reliability in a service

•             Experience as part of an Agile engineering or development team

350 - 450$ per day EUR/hr

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