F5 Specialist

We’re looking for a F5 Specialist who will provide access to the application after OTP authentication
in front of the infrastructure of the European Parliament.
∙F5 BIG-IP i4600

∙System Configuration
∙License / Provisioned modules
∙Local Traffic Manager configuration
∙Reverse-proxy logic
∙SNI routing iRule
∙Virtual Server IP addressing
∙The front-end Virtual Server configuration
∙The back-end VS configuration required for the SAML IdP
∙The back-end Dummy VS configuration for non-compliant SNI request or wrong
∙Custom LTM configuration
∙APM configuration
∙APM logic
∙Authentication flows
∙APM – SAML IdP configuration
∙APM – SAML SP configuration

∙APM – Access Profile
∙F5 BIG-IQ 7000
∙SNMP Configuration
∙Imported BIG-IP Devices
∙Backup Schedules Configuration

50-100 EUR/hr

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