Flink Developer

• Design and Development of enterprise platforms using Enterprise Java, Flink, Kafka and no-SQL
• Deployment of Flink changes across environments and coordination with the team for
integration tasks.
• Build data systems and pipelines using Apache Flink pipelines.
• Understand various raw data input formats, build consumers on Kafka/ksqldb for them and
ingest large amounts of raw data into Flink.
• Conduct complex data analysis and report on results.
• Build various aggregation streams for data and convert raw data into various logical processing
• Understand the requirements for Integration, Stream Processing etc.
• Responsible for analyzing, coding, debugging and testing of new features.
• Assist other developers with code reviews, troubleshooting, debugging and coding.
• Prioritize, assign and execute tasks throughout the software development life cycle.
• Determining application functions and building objectives with the team
• Need to ensure timely development of maintainable and efficient code.
• Effectively needs to coordinate and communicate with the team, stakeholders and
Java EE, Maven, Flink, Docker, Microservices
Personal Requirements:
• Ability to effectively work in a team
• Problem solving abilities.
• Resilient and communicative
• Experience working with multinational and agile teams
Bachelors or Master’s degree in related areas.

50-100 EUR/hr

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