IAM Azure AD L2/L3 Support Specialist

Job Description

SN Required Information Details
1 Role IAM Azure AD L2/L3 Support Specialist
2 Required Technical Skill Set • Atleast 5-7 years of experience in Identity &

Access management domain
• Good understanding of Oracle IAM Product
• Good understanding of infrastructure setup,
network devices, clustering, HA configuration
of servers/databases.
• Good experience in preparing support/build
• Good analytical and communication skills
• Good knowledge of Password
Synchronization and management
• Basic understanding of SSO and Multi Factor

3 No of Requirements 1
4 Desired Experience Range 5-7 Yrs.
5 Location of Requirement Onshore

Desired Competencies (Technical/Behavioral Competency)


• Should have worked on at least 1-2 Azure AD IAM
• Should have 1-2 years of development experience on any
programming language
• Should have in depth understanding of Azure AD
components, its Architecture and configuration in standalone
and clustered mode.
• Should have good experience of installation & configuration
of Azure AD product in standalone and clustered mode
• Should have ability to implement technical solution which
meets all functional/nonfunctional requirements with very
less customization at the product level.
• Should be able to integrate AD with Azure AD
• Should be able to develop workflows, out of the box Azure
AD configuration.
• Should be able to troubleshoot issues and problems with in
Azure AD
• Should have good experience on writing scripts at server
level ( Perl script, shell script, vb script, java script, batch
• Should have good understanding of UNIX, Windows server

level commands
• Should have good high level understanding of Network
• Should be able to provide L2/L3 support to Azure AD
• Should be able to customize Azure AD user interfaces as per
business needs
• Should be able to generate standard or customize reports as
per business needs


• Should have performed L2/L3 support role in past
• Should have good understanding of Operational processes
• Should have performed client facing roles in past
• Should have worked with any international client in past

SN Responsibility of / Expectations from the Role
1 Should be able to perform L2/L3 support role
2 Should be able to integrate AD based applications with Azure AD
3 Should be able to meet all the milestones in time
4 Should be able to work with support teams

50-100 EUR/hr

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