Infra Technology Specialist

We are seeking an Infra Technology Specialist to join our team and be the trusted voice of knowledge and site expertise for our plant operations. The ideal candidate will have a proactive approach to tactical issue resolution, the ability to coordinate activities with third-party vendors and other locations, and excellent problem-solving skills. Fluency in Polish is also required.

Responsibilities, Activities and Requirements:

  • The trusted voice of knowledge and site expertise
  • Coordinate and facilitate activities with third-party vendors, offshore support, and other locations
  • Oversee IT requests, get involved to move requests, and clear roadblocks
  • Issue prioritization and resolution based on impact on plant operations
  • Local technology initiative awareness & site timeline influence
  • Participate in site-level DR, BCP, and CMDB activities
  • Confirmation of issue resolution success
  • Consolidate and maintain site documentation including network, devices, and overall architecture housed in a local repository accessible by technology teams as needed
  • Fluent Local Language – Polish

  • Onsite technical coordinator and first point of contact for other technology teams (ex. vendor escort, smart hands)
  • Able to declare major incidents on behalf of the site(s)
  • Ownership of MDF, IDF, computer rooms/closets
  • Technology spaces are safe, secured, and appropriately clean
    • Who has the keys for each shift?
    • What equipment is in use, moving in/out of service? All equipment is clearly labeled.
    • Rack and cable management is safe and best practice, and looks professional
  • Keep updated a map of the plant with locations of technology spaces & spares, available to all teams
  • Regular walkthroughs of computer rooms, logging risks related to power, cooling, alarms, security
  • Familiar with the wireless environment, where all wireless access points are located and general coverage
  • Able to replace network/infrastructure devices with guidance in a crisis
  • Knows where spare equipment/cables are located, how to replace them, manages spare inventory
  • Ensure UPS is maintained and supported
  • Helps coordinate planned downtimes
  • Support lifecycle team with technology assets on site
  • On-call after normal business hours

We offer a dynamic and challenging work environment with opportunities for career growth. If you have a passion for INFRA technology and are looking for a new challenge, we would love to hear from you!

If you are interested in this opportunity, please send us your CV so that we can get in touch and provide you with more information about this role. Apply directly via the “Apply now” button.
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350 - 450 per day EUR/hr

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