IT Consultant

• Extensive SAP knowledge in the field cash management / payment transactions (formats, type of
bank communication, payment methods etc.)
• Suggest and implement solution options in SAP. This involves customizing (payment methods,
instruction keys, SCB indicator, table T076E maintenance),
master data maintenance (create, update, and delete House Bank master data) in SAP (entities,
banks, bank accounts, payment methods etc.).
• Clarification of technical requirements with the bank, TIS and service provider (HR)
• Test in TIS and SAP test systems (technical pre-testing: manual payments & SAP payments run + all
payment types & payment methods etc.)
• Alignment with the bank and TIS if payment fails or needs adjustments. Adjust system settings,
liaise with FI department, and discuss solutions
• Provide training for TIS payment run handling and error message interpretation
• Support the Business (affiliates) within the UAT testing’s
• Be contact person for FI department regarding payment process via TIS (technical
questions/inquiries from countries and other divisions on payment and banking topics)
• Be able to navigate within TIS, understand the purpose and main functionality, explain the purpose
of the TIS Agent. Adaption and extension of TIS Agent, if necessary.
• Knowledge of state-of-the-art encryption and authentication mechanisms (PGP, SSH). Generation
and renewal of SSH public key & private key on expiry, creation and renewal of certificates in SAP or
TIS Agent.
• Be contact person for TIS, banks, services providers (HR) for technical questions.

50-100 EUR/hr

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