/ Senior Developer

Suitable candidates will be highly knowledgeable in and web application development.
They will be able to fully utilise OOB features of, designing solutions that make use of the API, APEX, Visualforce and other tools to extend the product to meet clients’ needs.
Deep experience in integration of Salesforce with other enterprise systems is essential.
Suitable candidates will understand both Agile (SCRUM) and Waterfall delivery models and
understand the importance of SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) and SFDC development best
The successful candidate will be able to communicate clearly and confidently, and to work effectively
both as a member of our flexible and dynamic delivery teams and also in a team lead role where they
will mentor junior staff.
Candidates must be able to travel within UK at least 50% of the time between Mon-Fri.

▪ Configuration of OOB Salesforce to the maximum achievable without coding
▪ Coding in APEX, Visualforce, formulae and complimentary ANT Tools for deployment
▪ Working as part of both Waterfall and Agile delivery teams
▪ SDLC deployment management

▪ DEV401 (Developer) certification
▪ ADM201 (Admin) certification
▪ Platform Developer 1 Certification
▪ Platform Developer 2 Certification
▪ Several real-world client deliveries
▪ Code version control experience (GIT,SVN, other)
▪ Proven solution engineering and real-world delivery experience
▪ Clear & confident technical communication skills

▪ ADM211 (Adv. Admin) Certification
▪ DEV501 (Advanced.Developer)
▪ Sales Cloud / Service Cloud Certification
▪ SOA and batch integration experience

▪ Agile/SCRUM certification
▪ Continuous Integrated Testing experience (Jenkins or similar)

50-100 EUR/hr

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