Security SME

Specific skills required • Personal Management

o MUST – Self-motivated and driven. Communicates and
debates solutions to issues found. Proactively contacts
colleagues or lead to work on problems or
o Strong personal drive & problem-solving mentality
o Ability to work across time-zones, culturally aware and
able to collaborate with people from other countries.
o Team player – will collect and share information with
colleagues in order to improve our services.

• Technical Skills
o Strong understanding of computer software,
Operating systems networking, cloud and on prem
environments, and more but not limited to:
o Scripting (powershell, python, etc..)
o Deep security knowledge in Windows OS, Mac and
o Experience with Malware protection technologies such
as Antivirus, application control, endpoint firewall.
o Experience in encryption, DocuSign, certificates
management, private keys
o Deep understanding of zero trust architecture and
o Strong IT security awareness and familiarity with best
practices for PC Endpoint IT security
o IT Forensics / security threat investigation specialist
o Active Directory GPO/GPP configuration
• Communication skills
o Strong understanding of delivering the right
information and value to all but not limited to:
▪ Stakeholder
▪ Customer
▪ Vendor
▪ Cross/Teams
▪ External parties
• Problem Solving Skills
o Deep understanding of problem solving and problem
solving techniques,
o Able to deliver detailed yet understandable
knowledge articles, training, workshops, and support
• Research skills req.

o understand the needs of the organization to make
informed decisions about security tools, hardware,
other solutions related to security measures.
o Follow and research security threats to learn about
potential risks and how to mitigate them

• Critical Thinking skills
o Senior Analysts will analyze situations and be able to
provide options or make decisions, on how best to
act, which tools to use, and communicate with
colleagues on a path forward towards delivering

Descriptions of the activity, role and
responsibilities within the role.
Please note: At an external
search for a consultant the
quality of a well defined RRQ is
vital to find the right person on
time. Clarify Tetra Pak
abbreviations (e.g. PM =
PackMat) and avoid personal

• Work as a developer in a Scrum Team to deliver backlog that
meets the acceptance criteria and quality.
• Challenge the status quo and innovate new solutions without
compromising User Experience
• Think about persona-based security to optimize the security to
improve user experience
• Collaborate with End user computing and other teams
• Ability to manage stakeholders when delivering solutions.

50-100 EUR/hr

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