Senior Snowflake data engineer

Summary: Senior Snowflake data engineer with experience with snowpipe, devOps, DBT and SQL to
help the customer to do ingestions and transforming of data, implementing uses cases on IoT data
and put them into production. To meet such requirements the candidate needs 3+ years of
experience working with Snowflake.

Primary Skillsets: Senior Snowflake data engineer with 3+ years of experience with snowpipe,
devOps, DBT and SQL.

Need to have
• Snowpipe, stream, task, external table, copy into(loading and unloading), json parsing, query
performance tuning, cost control
• Monitoring and operational experience of above
• SnowSQL
Azure data factory
• Experience with orchestration and data movement components
• Used to parameterize and automate/re-use components
• Working experience with DBT can management models and comfortable with building
custom micros where required
• Manage DBT versions and upgrade
Data Modeling
• We are not building a DW! but use the best part of this world to build data products.
• Data Warehousing ETL experience such as “Data Vault 2.0” and “kimball” would be nice
Software development skills
• Git, used with work on shared code base in a team setup
• Comfortable with Pull Request and peer reviews
• Have a habit of knowledge sharing with good documentation and communication skills
Nice to have
Azure DevOps experience
• Build and Release Pipelines
• Bash
• Docker
• Python

Exposure to Azure in general
• IaC
• Azure CLI
• Storage accounts(blob and queue)
• Key Vault
• Azure function

• Eventhub
• Eventgrid

50-100 EUR/hr

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