Software Engineer

Software Engineer Role with focus on test
• Have a holistic view of how the solution adds value and ties into the defined business
• Provide options for how the solution could be evolved to provide even more value
• Translate product strategy and requirements into suitable, maintainable and scalable
solution design according to existing architecture guard rails
• Use an experimental mindset to identify, evaluate and recommend alternative design
options which take target environment, performance security requirements and existing
systems into account
• Build the simplest possible solution that fulfils user needs as well as meets functional,
compliance and quality requirements
• Drive testing and deployment of software solutions, including ensuring automated testing to
ensure solution quality
• Build and operate infrastructure, toolset and deployment pipelines
• Identify and share best practices with other teams as well as produce necessary
• Make sure to deliver solutions on time and identify and eliminate potential waste (e.g.
unnecessary documentation, inefficient methodologies etc.)

Mandatory requirements, both competence and tools:
Software Engineer Role with focus on test:
• Test Strategy
• Continuous code quality
• Automation of test and test data
• Release strategies
• QA in production
• Cloud based delivery pipelines
• Continuous integration
• Distributed version control
• Branching strategy
• Micro-Service Oriented Architecture
• Cloud services
• Cloud, networks, Server, IT-security and scripting/code
• DevOps and Automation solutions
• Continuous delivery
• Zero downtime deploy
• Agile development methodology (e.g. DevOps)
• Back-end development
• Solution specific programming language and application/platform knowledge:
• Solution/Software Architecture
• API architecture and design
• Systems integration
• Data and Information architecture
• Solution specific process/capability knowledge

50-100 EUR/hr

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