Technical Service Leader

Technical Service Leader
Airspace Industry
In the Role of the Technical Service Leader you will:
• Technical leadership of the systems’s team
• Manage the systems team in its responsibility of developing and
maintaining iNM program CI/CD toolchain
• Be responsible for the iNM program dev&test environments setup and
maintenance structuring and documenting the environment
management and deployment processes.
• Systems team planning and reporting activities
• Systems team organizational structure, capacity planning and
• Support the integration of development assets being responsible for
the execution of the build & deploy pipelines
• Install, setup, maintain and keep up-to date inventory of iNM Program
different dev/test environments
• Support Development and Test Teams while using the environments
• Support the release management process
• Help in the analysis of root cause of application errors or system mal
functioning and support its correction.
• Support test teams in issue analysis and environment related
• Consulting with the software development team, internal users, and
clients to improve environment overall availability and performance.
• Keep track of configuration changes and scheduled application
• Validate troubleshooting documentation and error recovery
procedures delivered by development teams
• Perform analyses on software application functionality and suggest
• Perform any other task in line with the main purpose of the job.
• In this role the team will need to setup, configure and maintain a set of
different technologies, part of a platform including:
o API Management
o Reverse Proxy
o Forward Proxy
o Container Orchestration and Service Mesh

o Event Streaming
o Relational and non-relational databases
o Customer Access and Identity Management
o Operations Access and Identity Management
o Deployment and code mgmt. tools
▪ Jenkins
▪ Ansible
▪ BitBucket
▪ Terraform Scripts

Must have Skills (Demonstrable experience required):
• Demonstrable experience (+ 3 years) managing systems teams in
mission critical environments in big organizations
• Demonstrable experience in managing dev/test environments in big
• Technical Teams Leadership demonstrable experience
• Expertise in CI/CD tooling stacks and processes
• Expertise in Infrastructure as code and SDN concepts in public and
private cloud environments
• Good knowledge of Cloud Native micro-service applications design
patterns specially in Kubernetes in Public and Private cloud
• Knowledge and experience in operating, monitoring and
troubleshooting activities in Red Hat OCP
• Ability to keep up with innovation in application design.
• Good communication skills

50-100 EUR/hr

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