Veeva Consultant

Years of experience + must-have skills + good to have skills
Must have experience
7 to 10 years of experience with a minimum of 5 years in pharma industry
Strong understanding of Veeva Promomats and Vault
Project Manager and overall governance of digital asset repository, including but not limited

to defining and owning the Content Taxonomy governance, approval workflows, DAM use-

Consistently implementing the repository structure and associated taxonomies, by working
closely with different teams across the content supply chain (agencies to IT teams)
and work with the Tech teams to maintain and refine the approval workflows, rights
management for DAM, and access management up-to-date
Supporting different teams across the content supply chain to drive adherence with adding,
updating and enrichment of metadata tags
Analytics and reporting on content management within DAM to drive governance and
adherence (number of users, usage across the workflows, content usage, tagging errors)
Good to have experience
Knowledge Management, Training and update playbooks to facilitate content sharing and
reuse across channels, brands, agencies and markets to avoid duplications
Own and manage the content taxonomy meta-data portal

50-100 EUR/hr

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